Claims services

What is a typical claims/litigation process like?

Every situation is different, so there really isn’t a typical process. The MagMutual claims professional assigned to your case can advise you on what to expect. 

How do I become a peer support partner for the Doctor2Doctor program?

Peer support partners are typically invited by MagMutual to be part of the program. Physicians who have gone all the way through the trial process to a verdict are considered as candidates, and we reach out to those we feel would make the best fit to invite them to training. 

When should I report an incident or claim?

Please report the incident as soon as you become aware that the patient is unsatisfied with the outcome. See “How do I report a claim or incident?”

Can I request to settle a claim?

Yes. Upon receipt of the claim, one of our claims professionals will contact you to discuss the incident as well as your options for defense or settlement.

Where can I find more information about your claims handling process?

You can learn more about our claims handling process here or contact your agent. 

How do I sign up for Doctor2Doctor® program?

The Doctor2Doctor® is offered to our physicians who are currently experiencing a claim. Your claims professional can help match you to a Doctor2Doctor peer support partner. Learn more about Doctor2Doctor here. 

What constitutes an incident?

An incident is an unexpected outcome or other situation in which we feel it is unlikely the patient or family representative will require further action. Our assessment unit thoroughly reviews every reported incident and may contact you for more information or to ensure no additional response is needed. In some cases, we may utilize the Preserve Program. Incidents that don’t lead to claims will automatically close within 90 days.

How do I report a workers’ comp claim?

We recommend calling 800-586-6891 to speak directly to a member of our claims team. Workers’ compensation claims can also be reported through PolicyView. Log in to your account. On your profile page, click the PolicyView button and log in to PolicyView. Select your Workers’ Compensation policy, click on the Claims tab, then click Report an Incident. Watch our instructional video for more information. 

How do I request a loss history report?

You can request a loss history report by sending this form or an email to or by contacting your agent.

How do I report a claim or incident?

We recommend calling 800-586-6891 to speak directly to a member of our claims team. You may also email a completed Incident Report Form to or fax it to 404-842-9556 along with all relevant medical records, correspondence, and legal documents to This form contains protected health information that must be protected and safeguarded. This form may only be transmitted by a secure, encrypted email system. If you do not have a secure, encrypted email system, please call the number above.